Geographical notes

The municipality of Robecco sul Naviglio is located in the west area of the Milan’s province at the border with the Piedmont from which it is divided by the course of Ticino.

It has a surface of 20.315 kmq and borders Magenta (to the north), Corbetta (to the east), Cassinetta di Lugagnano and Abbiategrasso (to the south) and Cerano (NO) (to the west).
The western limit physically corresponds to the river Ticino and is also the border between Lombardy and Piedmont. In addition to the town of Robecco, its territory includes the hamlets and localities of Carpenzago (132 meters above sea level ), Cascinazza (122 m above sea level), Castellazzo de’ Barzi (131 m above sea level ) and Casterno (128 m above sea level).

The town is located at an average height of 129 m above the sea level and is 27 km away from Milan, 3 km away from Magenta and 5 km away from Abbiategrasso.

It is placed in the center of the Lombard Park in the valley of Ticino of which it is an integral part.

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