Itinerary of memory

From INFOPOINT (A) proceed towards Castellazzo and, after passing the hamlet, turn right towards Cascina Tangola (B), a stone indicates where the massacre of 20 July took place.

Return to Robecco in Piazza XXI Luglio: on the left side a plaque remembers where the shooting took place on 21 July (C),
on the right side there is the monument that in memory of the massacres of 20.21 July 44 and 26 April 45 (D).

Proceeding along via Roma, at the far right, another plaque commemorates the massacre of civilians on April 26, 1945 (E).

Always straight along via 26 aprile and then on via Pertini you arrive at the cemetery where, by entering from the entrance on the left, you can visit the tomb of the people killed on 20 and 21 July (F).

To the side of the tomb on the left you can visit the memorial where the bones of the dead during the Battle of Magenta in 1859 are collected and also recall the dead of the First World War and the massacres of 44 and 45.

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