The paths-Via Francisca

The Via Francisca del Lucomagno was an ancient Roman-Lombard route, historically documented, which from Constance - central Europe, crossing Switzerland via the Lucomagno pass, reached Pavia and there it connected with the Via Francigena towards Rome.

This route represented one of the fundamental connecting routes from central Europe to the Po Valley, substantially reducing the route compared to the other existing routes.

Numerous characters traveled this route and among the most famous we remember for example San Colombano, who died in Bobbio in 615, and the emperors Henry II and Frederick Barbarossa.

The Via Francisca del Lucomagno is the path that from Switzerland crosses the entire province of Varese and then descends along the Naviglio Grande, following the Naviglio di Bereguardo and reaching Pavia to connect with the Via Francigena and then Rome.

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