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The European Path E1 is a hiking trail that acts as a link between Northern Europe (North Cape - Norway) and Southern Italy (Capo Passero di Siracusa). Inaugurated on 2 July 1972 in Costanza, the “Sentiero Europa” is now a reality that also winds its way through the most beautiful areas of the Ticino Park.
E1 is a real green corridor, where you can practice the noble art of walking, as well as being a very rich "container" of international culture and history that brings together many enthusiasts and scholars.

The E1 path enters Italy at Porto Ceresio, in fact, after having passed the Gotthard Pass and descended through the Val Leventina and Monteceneri. Once arrived in Italy, it crosses the Varesine Prealps and the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, to reach the Ticino Park in Osmate.
The path conforms to the valley of the blue river and, once reached Pavia and the Po, heads towards the Ligurian Apennines. The portion of the Italian E1 route is mostly managed by F.I.E. (Italian Hiking Federation) the stretch of E1 inside the Ticino Park is managed directly by the Park.

The itinerary crosses the Ticino Park for more than one hundred kilometers (109.46 km), from Sesto Calende (VA) to Pavia.
The E1 offers not only an environmental and naturalistic cross-section of the Ticino Valley, but directly touches centers of considerable historical and cultural interest, such as Golasecca, seat of one of the most studied pre-Roman civilizations, Somma Lombardo, with one of the best Visconti castles preserved, Tornavento, seat of the Ex-Dogana Austroungarica, Cuggiono, Boffalora, Robecco sul Naviglio and Cassinetta di Lugnagnano, with their stupendous villas on the Navigli, Bernate Ticino and Morimondo, seats of two important monasteries, Abbiategrasso and, deviating through the variants of the Vie Verdi, also Vigevano, two of the favorite residence centers of the Visconti and Sforza families.

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