The House stands on the Naviglio, on a raised embankment, and is preceded by the canal Negri which reflects the impressive railing, splendid work of Enesto Mainardi, local craftsman, which takes up the theme of the railing and the balcony. In the center there is the hall with pillars surmounted by vases and plumage.

The villa appears at the end. The building has two floors and extends directly into the house of the farmers. The valuable part is the central one where you find a porch and and a lodge .

From the porch one can access to the salon, on the left to the stairs and on the right to the utility rooms. The hall has six views of the Naviglio and of its houses (Archinto, Gromo, Bassana) of particular interest and some decorative paintings. The villa is completed by the typical turret.

Built with Mobirise theme