Il Villoresi

The canal Villoresi is an important irrigation canal designed in the nineteenth century by the Lombard engineer Eugenio Villoresi from which it took its name and was completed in 1890.

The waters of the Ticino are diverted at Somma Lombardo at the barrage of Panperduto and placed in the main adductor Canal (C.A.P.) Villoresi. From the same barrier of Panperduto also the Industrial Canal has risen, and its waters, at the height of Turbigo, feed the Naviglio Grande. 

The Villoresi cuts in direction west-east the plain in the north of Milan for 87 km, and ends in the town of Cassano d'Adda, where the waters that are not used in irrigation are discharged into the River Adda in Cassano d'Adda (locality Groppello).

Robecco is not crossed by the main course of this canal, but its secondary and tertiary courses draw the boundaries among the cultivated lands. It is possible to see some parts along the road from Robecco and Carpenzago, which is located halfway between the Naviglio on one side and a tertiary channel of the Villoresi on another.

In the urban center we can see other sections, remains of a network almost completely covered by the urbanization of recent decades.

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