Tour of the  bridges

Walking itinerary over the Naviglio and not only for admiring and visit the historical-architectural heritage of Robecco.


Starting from the infopoint and going out in via Matteotti to the left you can climb the bridge of the steps (ponte degli scalini)

B) B. Bridge of the Steps

It is surrounded by a peculiar landscape characterized by the view of the bridge of Cassinetta in the south and, in fine weather, the Monte Rosa massif that stands out in the north. Around there is a single set of aristocratic residences, for example Villa Gaia and Palazzo Archinto. On the other side of the Naviglio you can admire Villa Dugnani.

C) “il Mundel”

Going down the bridge and turning right we can admire Villa Gaia’s impressivness and then enjoy the vastness of the park of Villa Gromo Ternengo. Thus we come to villa Bassana with the “roggia” Soncina which flows before it. A little farther on it is possible to see the diversion chamber,"The mudel", where the roggia Soncina yields a part of its waters to the “cavo” Negri.

D) Sironi Marelli house

Retracing our steps towards Robecco and crossing the bridge of the Stairs a little more ahead we meet Villa Sironi and, going on the bridge suitable for vehicles, we meet the “roggia” Soncina again.

E) Park of ARCHINTO palace
Superato il ponte, rientrati nel parco Archinto, si svolta a sinistra lungo e si arriva dopo la via Roma in piazza XXI luglio.

F) XXI July square

Here we can go near the Monument to the Resistance, by the artist Colli, while in the front part of the square there is the memorial to the fallen of the 21st July, who the square is dedicated to. The Parish Church stands out imposing opposite , while at the bottom on the right we have the small oratory of S. Majolo.

G) Terzaghi house

Carrying on to the right along Via San Giovanni after 300 meters, we get to Villa Terzaghi.

H) Gromo di Ternengo House

Going back Via San Giovanni, piazza XXVI Luglio and Via Matteotti , you arrive to Casati Square, from where you can admire the outer face of Villa Gromo Ternengo.

Going ahead via Matteotti you return to the INFO POINT.

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